Created by Paula Adina Sumalan

The main advantage of the ZINK techology is that it doesn't need ink cartridges and ribbons. Printing with heat-based technology allows many innovations regarding the way a product reproduces an image on the paper, its form and the way people use it.

In this case I thought of the plotter, took out of the equation the ribbons, the ink cartridges, replaced them with a healing system, changed radically its form and I came up with the idea of MiniGiant. Instead of introducing a large scale paper into the printer, in this case the special paper is laid on a table or on any hard and smooth surface. After selecting the image you want to print, the product is placed on the left, up corner of the paper. When printing starts, MiniGiant moves slowly on the surface of the paper, leaving after it portions of the image. The heating plate placed on the back side of the device heats the areas it comes over, thus activating the crystals of the ZINK paper. When MiniGiant is dn printing the image it automatically stops and alerts the user by visual and auditive signals.

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Who is Paula Adina Sumalan

The Mini Giant was first place winner in the future category for breaking the traditional bonds between printer and paper. The Mini Giant leverages the size advantage of ZINK® Technology such that a large format poster printer can now fit in the palm of your hand! It also highlights the flexibility of a gravity-agnostic technology enabled by Zero Ink®.

I was born on the 2nd of July, 1986 in Oradea, a town situated in the west side of Romania. Like every child in Romania I went to school at the age of seven. At twelve I attended some courses in decorative arts where I learnt the technique of water colours on paper and most importantly I learnt how to use my imagination and create surrealist characters and objects. One year later, I learnt the technique of painting biblical characters and scenes on glass. From the age of fifteen I attended the courses of philology at “Mihai Eminescu” high-school in Oradea and four years later I graduated it and obtained a certificate in English and a School-leaving Examination diploma.

Right after high-school graduation I attended the courses of design at the Faculty of Visual Arts from the University of Oradea. In the summer of 2008 I obtained the Design degree.

Starting from 01.07.2008 I worked a few months as a furniture designer at a local firm specialized in making furniture from PAL and MDF materials. There I learnt more about the manufacturing of furniture from these kind of materials and improved my skills in talking and behaving with customers. After this, I worked for another firm as an Interior designer where I improved my skills in 3D modeling.

At present I work as a freelance designer in collaboration with other designers, in the field of Interior design. Participating at the ZINK Zero Boundaries Design Competition and being selected as a finalist is a proof for myself that my work does have a value. Even though I am at the beginning of my career as a designer and I have not yet gathered much experience in this field, this accomplishment at a worldwide scale can be a starting point for me.