"Printing to die for"

Create a ZINK™ ecosystem that will make today's youth crave ZINK products in the context of their digital and mobile world.

Target Customer:

Youth 12 - 21; male and female

The Brief:

Today's youth are on-line, connected, and immersed in the digital world more than ever. Whether it is utilizing social networking sites like Facebook, or communication applications like Twitter and AIM, or simply snapping and sharing pictures from their camera phones, an individual's persona and lifestyle is arguably defined today more by bits and bytes than tangible artifacts such as paper.

A bi-product of today's digital world is the increased mobility of content and people. With the advent of smart phones, netbooks, laptops, handheld gaming devices, Wi-Fi and 3G networks, the connection to the digital world is ubiquitous - mobile, everywhere, and instantaneous.

Your challenge is to understand today's youth and their digital world and develop an entire "ecosystem" that will make a tangible ZINK Print an integral and valuable part of it.

An example ecosystem is the MP3 market. There were many music players before the Apple iPod but Apple combined an innovatively designed and sleek device with an on-line application, iTunes, to create an elegant and complete ecosystem that delivered a superior customer experience, thereby truly establishing and developing a large market.

An important part of your exploration is mobility i.e. printing anywhere especially away from home or the office. The ecosystem should include any new (or existing) software applications (conceptual), extensions to existing applications, new or existing ideas about what the target customer wants to print, and of course, the design of a ZINK-enabled device.

This exploration should focus on 2x3" and/or 3x4" ZINK output sizes. With your registration confirmation, we'll send you the key elements of the ZINK Technology consider when designing the device.