"In a Perfect ZINK™ World"

Create a ZINK™ ecosystem that will make today's youth crave ZINK products in the context of their digital and mobile world.

Target Customer:


The Brief:

ZINK Technology enables printing where never before possible - as well as can make "anything become a printer". You are to envision what you want to print, where you want to print, who the customer is, what the "printer" looks like and how it functions, whether the printer is a stand-alone device or embedded into something else such as another consumer electronics device, and even what the ideal print output (size and shape) is for your application.

Designers may choose to focus their entries on a particular task (learning, playing, communicating, etc.), or a particular context (work, home, school, etc.) Entries may also seek to create new print paradigms for different products and services. Entrants should consider what size and shape of the print output would be relevant for their chosen context/market/paradigm.

Remember - ZINK Paper can come in any size and shape, including wide format, so don't be constrained by traditional format sizes (output sizes like 2x3 or 4x6). Also - ZINK is not just about photography - think beyond traditional photography to markets and applications that require color on-demand.

Your entry should clearly tie your design idea back to the needs of the market/application for which you are designing, including a statement about what problem you are solving, and why the output you selected appropriately addresses the market. For a new printing vision, you should consider and note all the components of a new printing paradigm, including who is the customer, their need, the problem are you solving, and all the components necessary to deliver the ZINK system" for your identified target. You may want to describe the context in the form of articulated scenarios of use.